The 2018 Chinese New Year is approaching, fresh opportunities present themselves, blessing you with good luck, this is your chance of a good fortune! PG SOFT™'s brand new mobile game, "Win Win Won" shall bring you blessings.

The protagonist of the game, a Zodiac mascot named "Won-won", is both playful and lively. "Won-won" is always shaking its tail, smiling sweetly, making itself lovable to everyone. "Won-won" guards a palace of treasures, filled with gold and silver, a place where most people would have dreamt of visiting. Legend has it that, whenever a visitor arrives, "Won-won" will open the palace doors, welcoming them with open arms, blessing them with an abundance of fortune.

With the joyful atmosphere surrounding the Chinese New Year mood, the relaxing gameplay background music, accompanied by the melodious tunes of a flute, all adds up to festivities feeling! "Win Win Won" has simple yet fun gameplay that is easy to master. The game's biggest attraction lies in the multipliers! By choosing Ingot Bet 3, you'll even have the chance for a win fortune! "Won-won" will excitedly scream out your winnings! Don't underestimate the power of the multiplier! Let's join "Won-won", as it shall bless you with a blissful and prosperous year ahead!