Gem Saviour is a hero named Eric, born with the natural ability to control the magical properties of gems. The story started as a greedy Witch, Ira conquers the prosperous and wealthy Gem Village, plunging it into a catastrophe. After overcoming countless obstacles, Michelle locates Eric, the only person capable of saving Gem Village, but what will the fate of Gem Village be? Go on this adventurous journey and experience amazing game scenarios beyond imagination!

With a rich story combined with breath-taking visual design, the game 'Gem Saviour' includes features such as Re-spin Gem, Special Gem transformation, treasure hunting, battles with monsters as well as other new and exciting gameplay methods. Using the popular elimination game concept, Gem Saviour allows players to enjoy a truly unique gameplay experience. Gem Saviour is a clear innovation in terms of idea, story plot as well as game mechanic, differentiating itself from the traditional game model.

Follow the Gem Saviour’s journey as he progresses, and experiences 4 different gameplay scenarios designed to immerse the player into the story. Roleplay as the Gem Saviour to overcome countless obstacles, once the final aim of saving Gem Village had been achieved, a handsome reward awaits!

As the Gem Saviour embarks on his journey, at every spin, the Hero will travel and may encounter various events such as relics with different types of rewards as well as different types of monsters. Whenever the Hero encounters a stack of relics and uses his sword to break thru the obstacle, he stands a chance to be rewarded with either a money bag, a treasure map or a treasure chest. When a treasure chest is obtained, players will be rewarded with 30 times, 40 times, 50 times, or even up to 100 times the initial bet!

The adventurous journey to save Gem Village starts here. Make good use of your wisdom and courage, and you may be the hero Gem Village had been waiting for!

Supported platforms include iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, and HTML5.