PG SOFT™ is proud to release the world’s first ever cards and slot game, ‘Summon & Conquer’! The game has affirmed its place in the global market by offering players infinite ways to collect cards and play the game using their own strategies.

‘Summon & Conquer’ is an innovative game that combines card collection games and the features of SLG games into a traditional slot game. Players can collect cards of various characters and use different types of spells when fighting in the game. By combining slot games and card strategy games, players will now get to experience the best of both worlds! Furthermore, the exquisite 3D visuals of the game are a pleasure to behold.

‘Summon & Conquer’ brings the players into a country during a war. The king is desperate to bring peace back to his country and has decided to summon the help of capable warriors to help him fight the war. Players will need to collect cards and strategize effectively to defeat the enemy. At the same time, players must also find the lost key to the buried treasure chest, for it holds the secret to stop this never-ending war! The more treasure chests the players uncover, the stronger their army becomes!

With this newest game, PG SOFT™ has given the players not one but two fun and exciting bonus game modes! Once the card collection is completed, the players have the option to choose between ‘Battle Feature’ or ‘Lucky Draw’. The ‘Battle Feature’ will allow the players to strategize and plan their attack against the enemies in a 3 round card simulated battle! The more enemy buildings destroyed, the more rewards earned! Meanwhile, the ‘Lucky Draw’ feature will allow players to convert all their collected cards into rewards instead!

Will you be able to finally bring peace back to this war-torn land? What are the secrets that lie hidden in the treasure chests? Join the army and battle in ‘Summon & Conquer’ to get a first-hand experience of the world’s first ever card and slot game!